Eve Barco

The Mothers' Hospital
Interviewed by Dianna Hunt

Eve Barco was born in the Philippines in 1954. She came to England in 1973 to work in the NHS. Eve initially went to Eastbourne to work as an Auxiliary Nurse in a Geriatric Hospital, but later moved to Hackney. She had her first child at the Mothers’ Hospital in the late 1970s. Eve still lives in Hackney and now works within the NHS as a Phlebotomist.

Image accompanying MP3 audio clip: Being on the ward ( KB)

Being on the ward

Eve remembers being in a side room, with two new mothers. She describes being shown how to look after her baby.


Eve recalls her water breaking, being taken to the Mothers' Hospital and being afraid.

Impressions of the ward

Eve remembers attending the Mothers' Hospital for ante natal treatment, she remembers her initial dismay at how old the hospital was.

My background

Eve talks about the Salvation Army Sunday Service. She remembers that the ward sister was a Salvationist.

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