Lucy Hunte-Wilton

The Mothers' Hospital
Interviewed by Dianna Hunt

Lucy Hunte-Wilton was born in St Lucia in 1948. She came to England in 1965 and had her first child at the Hackney Hospital in the mid 1960s and subsequent children at The Mothers’ Hospital in Clapton in 1968 and 1971.  Lucy now lives in Tower Hamlets and works with people who have Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Childhood memories

Lucy describes her childhood in St Lucia and how she felt about coming to England.

Buying a wedding ring from Woolworths

Lucy talks about not being married and buying a wedding ring in Woolworths.

The Salvation Army Congregation in Linscott Road

Lucy recalls attending the Salvation Army Mass during her stay at the hospital.

Unmarried mothers

Lucy talks about being an unmarried mother, and the attitudes to unmarried mothers. "It was easier to say you were married when there was no man around"

Expressing milk and breastfeeding

Lucy remembers expressing milk that was then given to babies whose mothers could not breastfeed or had chosen not to. She recalls that some new mothers were concerned about "losing their figure." Matron advised Lucy that breast milk was the best and breast feeding would "get you back into shape".

Bring back matron

Lucy talks about the cleanliness of the Mother's hospital and the routine for new mothers. She describes how babies were taken into a different room at night.

Transcript for 'Childhood memories':


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