Dr Joseph Spitzer, General Practitioner

John Scott Health Centre
Interviewed by Virginia Smith

Dr Joseph Spitzer has worked at the John Scott Health Centre since 1985, having been a patient as child twenty-five years previously. 

Image accompanying MP3 audio clip: Childhood Recollections ( KB)

Childhood Recollections

Dr Spitzer talks of his own memories of John Scott as a child patient, with the intimidating silence of the waiting room and the no less intimidating formality of the doctor.

Dr Beerham and Woodberry Down

Dr Spitzer recalls the kindly but severe Dr Beerham, as well as life on Woodberry Down.

Assistants with a View

As a newly-qualified doctor, Dr Spitzer worked as an "assistant with a view" for Dr Norman Kass from 1985 to 1986.

Locum sessions

As well as assisting Dr Kass, Dr Spitzer worked locum sessions for Dr Patel at John Scott, where he found that the consulting room had not changed at all in the twenty-five years since he had been a patient there.

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