South Shoreditch (out of print, download only)

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Historic and Industrial Buildings

This survey, completed in 1986, covers the urban environment of South Shoreditch, where an extraordinarily rich survival of buildings of architectural and industrial archaeological interest is to be found.

This forms a systematic recording of the buildings in South Shoreditch, with a historical account of the growth of the area and its emergence in the 19th century as a centre for workshops in the furniture, clothing and printing trades. The survey concludes with a strategy for the future development of this unique part of London.

This report is out of print but an electronic edition, produced from a scan of the original publication is available as a PDF (14Mb - click here) and is provided for historical, personal and educational use only. A substantial amount of time has elapsed since publication and some information in this book may no longer be valid or sensible. No warranty is provided nor can any responsibility be taken for any reliance upon it. For further information email

1986 | 60pp | OUT OF PRINT | ISBN 0 9506558 2 1 

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