Website Project Manager

Volunteer Role

Our website has served the Hackney Society well for a long time. Probably too long!

The technology is old and keeping it going is not just difficult and inflexible but increasingly at odds with modern website usability.

We have wanted to migrate to a more appropriate and modern website platform for some time - probably something WordPress based. But we've lacked the resources - both time and money.

We can now probably fund a migration if Society volunteers take on much of the work in terms of editing and organizing the content.

We are looking for a volunteer 'Project Manager' to help us do that. The role does not require advanced technology or design skills but rather just some familiarity with good website design and usability, and an ability to organize and edit content. You'll be working with other volunteers and Trustees to decide what needs migrating and what work needs to be done to get us there. And also with our website provider on the timing and to communicate options and organise what is needed to make it happen.

We're all volunteers at the Hackney Society and have no grant funding and limited financial resources. If you'd like to volunteer to work with us on this, in this constrained scenario, do get in touch at

This page was added on 09/11/2020.


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