Walk #1 Clapton

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Hackney Walks No. 1


This walk starts and finishes at Clapton Common by the Church of St. Thomas, and explores the area around the common, through Springfield Park and down to the River Lea.

This and four other walks are available in print from this website.

This is based on a walk written and illustrated by Rosemary More for the North East Thames Archtectural Society in 1985.

Thanks to:

  • North East Thames Architectural Society for permission to reproduce material.
  • London Borough of Hackney, Planning Department, for reproduction of record photographs.
  • London Borough of Hackney, Archives Department, for reproduction of old photographs.
  • Photographs of Lea View House kindly supplied by Hunt Thompson Associates, Chartered Architects.
  • Recent photograph of Lea View House by Jo Ried and John Peck.
  • Typesetting, artwork and printing by Calvert's Press (TU) Workers' Co-operative.

© 1991 North East Thames Architectural Society and the Hackney Society.

IMPORTANT NOTE - this original publication is provided for historical, personal and educational use only. A substantial amount of time has elapsed since publication and some information in this walk may no longer be valid or sensible. No warranty is provided nor can any responsibility be taken for any reliance upon it. For further information or to purchase an original copy email bookorders@hackneysociety.org

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