The Victorian Villas of Hackney South Shoreditch (out of print, download only)

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By Michael Hunter (1981)

This book explores the growth of Victorian Hackney, from little more than a village in 1837 when Queen Victoria ascended the throne, to a handsome suburb with well-built and spacious houses.

The book explains how Hackney's suburban development took place, who built the houses in the area and what models they copied. It also describes the first inhabitants of this Victorian suburb and accounts for the social transformation that Hackney has experienced in the century since.

Instructions are also provided on how to find out more about your own home or a specific building of interest.

This book is out of print but an electronic edition, produced from a scan of the original publication is available as a PDF (9.7MB - click here) and is provided for historical, personal and educational use only. A substantial amount of time has elapsed since publication and some information in this book may no longer be valid or sensible. No warranty is provided nor can any responsibility be taken for any reliance upon it. For further information email

1981 | 72pp | OUT OF PRINT | ISBN 0 9506558 1 3


The Victorian Villas of Hackney - 1st ed. (9469k)
First edition - 1981

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